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Bread Scoring Machine (Technology PLC) March 8, 2014

Bread Scoring


Convert a legacy scoring machine to a state-of-the-art solution.



When the product tray arrives at the scoring station, it needs to be scored in different ways. There are 3 axes: X,Y and Z. The Z axis is for clearance of the knife. It is used to bring knife to ‘clear position’ (up) or ‘cut position’ (down). The X and Y axes are used to score the product. The scoring pattern is in horizontal, vertical or at any angle. Controllers have to calculate start and end positions. It has to calculate the synchronization points to create the required angle of cut.



Migration had to be done with ZERO downtime.


Technology Used

Migration was from legacy old NCU 570 controller and Siemens Simodrives to the latest Siemens 315T and Drives Technologies.


Approach And Result

This project was completed in multiple phases. The customer did not want to stop the machine in order to migrate and test. Instead, the control system was installed in another panel, installed, and got tested. Once it was confirmed that the process was flawless, and client was completely satisfied, the old system was reconnected and production was back on its way with minimal interruption.


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