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Plastic Extrusion Machine Retrofit March 8, 2014



Material handling in various industries including agricultural, commercial and metal preparation.



The client required to modernize their existing plastic extrusion machine since maintenance costs were rising and line production was decreasing due to component failures and part obsoleteness. The upgrade would allow for simple re-connection of field devices such as thermocouples, heating elements and sensors. The main extrusion motor and drive was to be changed from a legacy DC system to a new AC motor and drive system.



One of the most critical requirements was a stable temperature control solution capable in a short time to maintain an operating temperature (400 degrees C) with a tolerance of +/- 0.2 degrees C for 29 heat and heat/cool zones. Additionally the new visualization system needed to be consistent with what the operators were used to, and to provide increased diagnostic tools such as trending. Finally, high production demands required that the retrofit be completed without impacting the production schedule.


Approach And Result

After careful analysis of the existing system, and application requirement, Dominion Automation proposed a complete solution from design to commissioning.

The client was quite satisfied with the level of accuracy currently experienced with production.


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