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Design, Install of Motion System – Flying Shear March 8, 2014




Design, install, and commission a new Siemens servo motors with all required control programming.


The client had a saw system that cuts panels on the fly.  The saw system had 2 individual saws. The old control system caused continued problems; it would go past the home position and the speed and cut length were also not very accurate.



Making resources available on standby to do the installation and commissioning when time slot is available.


Technology Used

Migrating old control Techinique Digitax drives and Siemens IM174 analog controller to Siemens Simodrives and Siemens 315T.


Approach And Result

After careful analysis of the existing system, and application requirement, Dominion Automation proposed a complete solution from design to commissioning.


The client was quite satisfied with the level of accuracy currently experienced with production.


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